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..., 30 seconds to mars, alice and the pirates, animal crossing, asian films, atom egoyan, audioslave, banana fish, bruce greenwood, btssb, calvin and hobbes, chantal thomass, chateaubriand, chris cornell, cinema, clive barker, contes de fées, cosplay, criminal minds, david lynch, dead can dance, dean winchester, dereck morgan, dishwalla, earth final conflict, edogawa ranpo, elvis presley, emily the strange, erik lhomme, experts las vegas, fairy tales, films d'horreur, gackt, gothic lolita, graham mastertone, hauschka, hellraiser, history, hizaki, horror films, j-rock, j.r richards, japan, jared leto, jensen ackles, jeux de société, jeux vidéos, jim morrison, john milton, joseph delaney, kenji kawaï, kenneth brannagh, korea, kyle maclachlan, l'epouvanteur, laurent botti, le conte de montecristo, le livre des étoiles, lecture, lee junki, les feux de l'amour, lord byron, loreena mckennitt, malcolm winters, mana, manga, marquis de sade, moi dix mois, moi même moitié, mpd psycho, musique, musées, nagase tomoya, nick cave, nightmare before christmass, nin, okojo san, onimusha, oscar wilde, papa dino, pearl jam, peter steele, pinhead, pokemon, poppy z.brite, pussy deluxe, rammstein, rocky horror picture show, sewing, shemar moore, soundgarden, stitch, supernatural, takeshi kaneshiro, tatouages, temple of the dog, the bad, the doors, the rock, the rolling stones, thomas fersen, thriller, tim burton, tori amos, twin peaks, type o negative, v, versailles, video game, videogames, vin diesel, warcraft, william shakespear, young and the restless
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